Breakout – Measuring Quality in Seniors Nutrition Care – A Provincial Perspective

Measuring Quality in Long Term Care is crucial to ensure that excellent care in senior’s nutrition is being provided. Each province in Canada has a different way to measure quality.

Health Care in Ontario has taken many strides to improve quality of services in various areas. This session will discuss the quality initiatives within Ontario as it pertains to nutrition. This interactive presentation will also bring a panel of leaders together from across Canada to briefly share other provinces standards of care and how quality is being measured outside of Ontario. Open discussion will be encouraged. Participants will leave with innovative ideas to implement quality improvement plans that may yield valuable outcomes to their practice settings.

  • Understanding what Quality Care in Seniors Nutrition May look like.
  • Quality Improvement in Ontario – Roles of HQO, RAI – MDS, Quality Indicators as it pertains to nutrition
  • Quality measures in nutritional care currently used throughout Canada.

Location: Date: June 14, 2018 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm twinkle-patel Twinkle Patel