Michael-Hughes Michael Hughes

Attending a conference can be both intimidating and overwhelming, and especially so for first-time attendees. This session is designed to supply information and tactics to help newer members (and seasoned members who would like a refresher) make the most of their conference experience in a relaxed and fun environment. Here’s some of what  attendees will learn:


About Michael Hughes

Michael specializes in helping professionals increase results by improving their ability to develop and leverage relationships.

Building on his successful 23-year corporate career, he has invested the last twenty years relentlessly researching networking as a business strategy and professional competency.

Recognized as an international networking expert, he now coaches business, corporate and sales professionals on how to achieve better results by improving networking skills.

His client list includes names like Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals, Health Canada, Project Management Institute, Dell, Staples, and the University of Ottawa Executive MBA
Michael has a unique ability to inspire minds and initiate change!

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