The Ottawa Food Bank

OFB-logo2011-R-BILINGThe Ottawa Food Bank has been providing food to those in need since 1984. We work with 112 agencies to provide food and support to over 41,500 people in Ottawa every month.

These agencies include shelters, food cupboards, and meal programs. The Ottawa Food Bank also provides food to after school programs and summer day camp lunches as well as providing basic baby supplies, such as diapers and formula to mothers. Sadly, 36% of the people we serve are children.

The Ottawa Food Bank is committed to having a significant portion of the food we distribute be fresh. We work with local grocers and restaurants to collect and distribute fresh food, including meat, dairy, bread and other items. We also have farmland where, each year, we grow over 90,000 pounds of fresh vegetables and fruit that are distributed. Currently 45% of the food we provide is fresh food.

Many people don’t realize that the Ottawa Food Bank spends nearly $1.3 million a year to purchase food to ensure we are able to keep up with demand and ensure we are providing a variety of nutritious and balanced food options.

Because we purchase food items in such large quantities and have amazing food industry partners and donors, we are able to turn every dollar donated in to about $5 worth of food.

The Ottawa Food Bank is dedicated to feeding those who are hungry in our city. With just under 3% of funding from government sources, the Ottawa community truly helps feed those in need.

The Ottawa Food Bank has been named as a Recommended Charity by Charity Intelligence Canada.

La Banque d’Alimentation d’Ottawa est recommandée par Charity Intelligence Canada.

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