Closing Keynote

Dare to Live It Big How to Move from Self-doubt to Success in 7 Easy Steps 

Presented by Michelle Cederberg

When it comes to crushing goals and finding success at higher levels, often the biggest barriers we must navigate are ones we’ve built for ourselves. Self-doubt and lack of confidence often show up when we stretch outside our comfort zone toward something big. That’s normal by the way. We’re genetically wired to look out for danger and avoid risks. So, how do we know when to trust those self-doubt voices and when to tell them to shut up?
In this thought-provoking and entertaining session, Michelle Cederberg takes an honest look at how we get in our own way as we strive for better, and shows you how to harness your energy, and turn self-doubt into success.
In this session, you will: • Explore how the brain sets us up for ‘protective failure’ as we strive for success, then learn tactics to bypass the barriers.

• Look at new research in Positive Psychology that will give you a fascinating perspective on the power of love, gratitude and joy as emotions that prime your neural pathways for success.

• Learn seven (not 787) simple strategies that can help you improve mood, boost happiness and do away with self-doubt in all you do that matters to you.

This is your life. Dare to live it BIG. Michelle shares stories of her own journey with self-doubt that will make you laugh, think and ultimately realize that each of us is capable of so much more than we can even imagine…if we’d just get out of our own way.

Competency 1.0
Location: Spectrum Date: June 23, 2019 Time: 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm michelle_cederberg Michelle Cederberg