Breakout Sessions – Friday


Best Place to Live and Work – Our Eden Journey at Sherbrooke  (CE 3.0)

Sherbrooke’s vision is to be the “best place to live and work”, and we have had an interesting journey as we have worked to live up to those words!  In this session, you will learn about the Eden Alternative Philosophy, and our journey at Sherbrooke in implementing the philosophy.   The session will look at the successes and challenges we experienced along the way and how to continue to grow the Eden Alternative philosophy in our homes.

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How the Phantom Appeared (CE 8.0)

You will learn the story of how two friends, with the help of a few partners, turned their dream and hobby into a small-batch distillery.  From start-up challenges to some of our biggest wins, this session will focus on the ins and outs of running a distillery.  By the end, you will have a good understanding of why promotions and marketing are so important in this business.

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Food Production Centre (CE 5.0)

The Food Production Centre produces food for patients (1000 beds) and retail operations at three acute care sites in Saskatoon. Food Production Centre uses a variety of production methods including a cook-chill tank, Rationale oven and food pump to scale production and provide safe, nourishing food for our clients.


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