Facility Tours

CSNM is pleased to add several facility tours on Wednesday, June 22nd – plan to arrive early and take part in learning more about the local Saskatoon food and nutrition industry (note:  after your registration is completed you will be sent information on how to sign up for these special tours – extra fee of $25 applies).

TOUR 1 (11:00 to 3:00 PM)

Saskatchewan Polytechnic 

Sask Polytech has an overall graduate employment rate of 94%. Their focus on hands-on learning earns top marks with employers and develops marketable skills that prepare graduates to contribute from day one on the job. Sask Polytech works closely with industries to ensure the programs meet the needs of employers. Employers’ needs, trends, automation, AI, and other technologies have led to programs evolving to meet the needs of workplaces. Sask Polytech is a leader in education.

Sask Polytech has campuses in Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Regina, and Moose Jaw. They offer a variety of certificate, diploma, and degree programs through a variety of different learning environments, from in-person to online. Food and Nutrition Management is one of about 160 programs offered by Sask Polytech. This program is a nationally accredited two-year diploma program offered at the Saskatoon Campus. Students build practical, hands-on knowledge and skills in food, nutrition, and management, including basic cooking and food preparation, food service and customer relations skills, coordination of catering and cafeteria promotions, management and marketing skills, menu planning, nutrition and special diets, and participating on health care teams.

Take advantage of this tour opportunity to learn more about Sask Polytech, Food Services, new equipment, and participate in an activity!

Friendship Inn

For anyone in need, the Inn will welcome you in. A community helping the community for over 50 years. Through community partnerships and authentic relationships, the Saskatoon Friendship Inn fosters a compassionate sense of belonging for our neighbours in need by serving daily nutritious meals, offering friendship, and providing referrals and programming that meet people where they are. The Friendship Inn offers hot, nutritious meals, 365 days of the year. Between 600 to over 1000 meals are served each day by volunteers.

Without proper nutrition, people living in poverty experience high levels of illness and stress. Hunger negatively affects every aspect of daily life in ways that are difficult to understand by those who have not experienced this challenge. By responding with two nutritious meals, 365 days of the year, the Inn empowers youth and adults to bridge the gap between cheques and better manage other daily issues. Serving the needs of vulnerable, marginalized people strengthens our community. By eliminating the stress of securing two meals, individuals and families can focus on other relevant issues such as securing housing, finding employment, creating healthy relationships and education for themselves and their children. The Friendship Inn has a variety of different programs available such as grief and loss, anger management, domestic violence, dynamic parenting, and parenting essentials.

Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the Friendship Inn, its partnerships, and help serve the community!

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TOUR 2 (1:00 PM 4:30 PM)

Star Egg

Star Egg is owned and operated by the Harman Family, Saskatchewan Egg Producers, and Nutrigroupe. They are a Saskatchewan-based food provider specializing in the grading, distribution and marketing of shell eggs in Western Canada. Eggs come from 65 local farmers who carefully raise hens that lay a variety of eggs. Egg suppliers follow Start Clean-Stay Clean, a food safety program developed by experts to ensure our eggs are produced under some of the highest standards in the world. Star Egg then utilizes an intricate, certified, grading process, grading 1.2 million eggs a day! Quality assurance is key!

Star Egg partners with retailers and foodservice providers to distribute local, national and private label brands. They employ best practices with respect to food safety regulations, animal welfare, social justice, responsible sourcing and employment.
Sign up for this tour if you want to learn more about a source of protein and how it eventually gets to you!

Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre

The Food Center’s mission is to provide leadership, expertise and services enabling our agri-food industry to develop market opportunities through innovative products, processing, technology and training. For the past 22 plus years, the Food Centre has built a solid reputation in providing services and expertise to help food processors and agri-businesses bring food and ingredient innovations to commercialization. As a result, the Food Centre team has assisted more than 410 agri-businesses to develop and process approximately 944 innovative products.

The Food Center’s 10,000 sq. ft. Pilot Plant provides daily rental processing options to clients. The Food Centre has over 300 pieces of equipment and flexible pilot processing rooms to build the right process for your ingredient. They will work on the idea in the lab and scale up to a pilot-scale before commercial production.

The Food Center offers expertise in product development, processing, extrusion, plant-based foods, ingredients, food safety, inspections, and pathfinding. They have training available in Food Safe, HACCP and product development to name a few.

Wondering what a commercial production Food Center is all about? Sign up for this tour!

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