Jenn Minor Johannson

  • Speaker & Leadership trainer
  • JMJ Coaching

Jenn likes to suggest that her professional story has come full circle.  She is an Alberta girl that graduated from youth counselling and found her way into the business world as a detour.  This detour of 20 years found her spending time in senior management and human resources.  Ten years ago, Jenn left the traditional boardroom to develop her own practice, and that is where the full circle came together.  Her business, JMJ, has her focused on coaching, training, counselling, workplace training and speaking.  She is a mom, a lover of learning and all things that involve meaningful conversation.


  • General Session – Navigating Change and Strengthening Resiliency

    Change is something that we are navigating through regularly.  Big and small change.  Change we chose and change that happens ‘to’ us.  Our resiliency, or bounce-back-ness, will be a driver in how we respond or react to the change.  The good news- we can strengthen our resilience muscles and move through change with a bit […]