Peter Lam

  • Co-Chair

Peter Lam is the international co-chair of the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative.  He is absolutely passionate about eating (and drinking)!  He dreams of the day when he can explore the world, just to discover the unique and wonderful places to savour food, drink and culture.  With this same passion, he is also committed to helping those who have difficulty with eating and drinking safely enjoy the food and drinks that they love.  That is why he continues to dedicate his spare time as a volunteer to help lead IDDSI.  In his real day job, Peter is a Registered Dietitian, where he has the privilege of supporting individuals with developmental/learning disabilities who live with dysphagia.  He considers himself a longtime friend of the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management and, he can’t wait to see everyone again!  IRL


  • IDDSI Can Do! – Let’s show the world what Canada can achieve

    Don’t get left behind!  If you have not started to think about or consider adopting the International Dysphagia Diet standards, it is not too late.  Better late than never, or you might have successfully fully implemented IDDSI but have a few finetuning questions.  Join us in this session where Peter will provide highlights of 2022 […]