Tim Nickel

  • Mediation and Organizational Consultant
  • Fifth Business
  • https://fifthbusinessconsulting.ca/

Tim Nickel is a private mediator, organizational consultant, and trainer based out of Saskatoon.  Through his work as a private mediator and with the Dispute Resolution Office of Sask Justice, Tim helps resolve all kinds of disputes including High Conflict families, Workplace Disputes, Collective Bargaining Agreements and Labour Negotiations.  His expertise spans from workgroups and high-performance teams to multi-stage multi-stakeholder collaborative processes.  As an Organizational Consultant, Tim facilitates strategic thinking, conducts workplace assessments, coaches managers and employees, and advises on organizational change.  Throughout his career, he has trained thousands of people in conflict resolution and other workplace skills.


  • Conflict Resolution

    Conflict in the workplace is one of the most unpleasant experiences that people have there.  Handled poorly, it escalates into entrenched positions and negatively dominates people’s lives.  Further, it undermines workplace goals and threatens careers.  Conflict is a normal part of organizational functioning, though, and handled well both by individuals and leadership, research shows it […]