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The Year the World Ran Out of Everything:
Wherefore Art Thou, Supply Chain Management? (CE 7.0)

Supply chains are used for the production, distribution and delivery of items. Supply chain management seeks opportunities to improve the value creation of activities required to transport products, store inventory and satisfy customer demand. Within the nutrition field, efficient supply chains enable food products to be available and accessible. The COVID pandemic has certainly demonstrated the global challenges created when product demand exceeds available supply, or when transportation availability is curtailed.

This presentation focuses on supply chain management for nutrition products. Practical insights are provided to illustrate the prominent role played by supply chains in this industry.

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Nutrition and Dental Caries:
An Emerging Area of Canadian Dietetic Practice and Research (CE 4.0)

Dental caries (or tooth decay) is the most common health condition in the world. In Canada, >95% of adults, and >50% of children have a history of dental caries. Although dental caries is caused by numerous factors, the foods and nutrients we consume have a strong relationship with the development of this issue. This presentation will outline some of the relationships between nutrition and dental caries (which extends well beyond sugar) and will present the results of some of the new research being conducted on this topic at the University of Saskatchewan.

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IDDSI Can Do! – Let’s show the world what Canada can achieve (CE 4.0)

Don’t get left behind!  If you have not started to think about or consider adopting the International Dysphagia Diet standards, it is not too late.  Better late than never, or you might have successfully fully implemented IDDSI but have a few finetuning questions.  Join us in this session where Peter will provide highlights of 2022 global initiatives and initiatives of the Canada IDDSI Reference Group CIRG to help support IDDSI implementation.  The session is designed to be no-nonsense and nor will there be any beating around the bush.  So, get ready to dive into honest, open conversations that will enlighten, encourage and support everyone to help improve safety for everyone living with dysphagia in Canada and beyond!


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